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Progress in Moyale

Despite being located in the centre of a drought area in Kenya, Moyale has been much less affected by the emergency than its neighbouring villages. This is thanks to the work Concern has been doing there since 2010.

Our work there focuses on health and hunger. As a result, children in Moyale are better nourished than their neighbours. They are also healthier and more resistant to illness.  

Preventative measures

Just over a year ago, our nutrition team implemented a programme in Moyale to prevent malnutrition from becoming an emergency. This included:

  • Training over 120 community health workers
  • Screening children at risk of severe acute malnutrition
  • Identifying moderately malnourished children and admitting them into a supplementary feeding programme

With the help of the Kenyan Ministry of Health, we also set up health clinics and provided technical support to 23 areas focusing on preventing malnutrition in children under five. To date, Concern-supported nutrition services in Moyale have screened 7,000 children and women, who are pregnant and breastfeeding, and treated 4,190 of these. 

On the edge

We also worked with local partner organisations to help families with little food. We provided them with agricultural training and education to boost their income and access to food. This early response helped prevent the most vulnerable people in Moyale from tipping over the edge into crisis.

Preventing suffering

These programmes have stopped malnutrition from spiking to the alarming levels recorded in neighboring districts. But it also highlights how much hard work remains to be done. We need to reach more people to prevent hunger and drought from causing massive suffering. 

Collective responsibility

No matter what the cause, a food crisis affecting over 12 million people should not be happening today. Preventing massive loss of life from hunger is our collective responsibility and within our power.

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