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Responding to avalanches in Afghanistan

Concern Worldwide has launched an emergency response in Afghanistan after avalanches in Badakhshan province killed at least 43 people. An entire village has been buried in 10 feet of snow.

Serious situation

At least 43 people have died and 60 more people were injured or trapped in their homes across a number of villages in the north eastern province. Main roads have been entirely cut off, placing communities at severe risk. We are responding to the immediate needs of around 30,000 people, who were among the worst affected by this disaster.

Lucia Ennis, Concern’s regional director for Asia, said:

People are in need of food, fuel, winter clothing and fodder for their animals. Concern is purchasing essential supplies locally in Kabul and deploying them to the emergency area.

As part of our longer-term response, we will be providing training to communities on the importance of disaster risk reduction methods, which can help build the resilience of communities to future natural disasters.

Our charity work

We are helping people clear the roads of snow in 30 villages. We are also providing items such as tents suitable for cold weather conditions, household kits and warm clothing. We plan to implement cash-for-work initiatives to target districts and administer small cash grants in severely isolated areas.

At risk of disasters

Afghanistan's harsh winters and mountainous terrain make avalanches an annual hazard. We will continue to prepare for such natural disasters and implement methods of dealing with them effectively.

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