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Run Paul, run!

Paul O'Mahony Communications Officer with Concern Worldwide recently ran the Dublin marathon for Concern. Towards the end, he was interviewed by Setanta Sports. Here is his account and the footage from the interview.

There I was minding my own business, running the Dublin Marathon. Suffering in my own quiet way with a potentially fatal case of "manflu" (and wearing Dickens-style fingerless gloves because it was freezing). I then made the “mistake” of smiling at a girl carrying a microphone!

From Setanta Sports, she ran alongside for a few seconds chatting to me. As it was my second marathon in a week and I had already been running for about 4.5 hours when she approached, I was really beginning to feel the strain. The last thing I needed was TV cameras highlighting my appalling running time. Life is so much easier when no-one notices you!