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Scots donate 1.5M to DEC despite recession

Generous Scots have donated over £1.5m this year to the Disasters and Emergency Committee (DEC), despite being in the midst of a global recession.

The DEC is a unique alliance of thirteen aid agencies, including Concern Worldwide. It has been in existence in Scotland since 1963 and has helped millions of people around the world to survive during times of crisis. It aims to maximise the funds raised and ensure they are spent in an effective and fully accountable way.

When Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar (Burma) in May, 140,000 people lost their lives and an estimated 2.4 million were left homeless. Scots pledged £636,384 to the DEC appeal. These donations have provided everything from food and basic shelter to mosquito nets and water purification tablets, saving thousands of lives.

Responding to crisis

In November, the DEC responded to the growing humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. More than 250,000 people were forced to flee their homes to escape the fighting, adding to over one million already displaced as a result of conflict. Backed by Scots actress, Daniela Nardini, this appeal raised nearly £900k and donations are still being welcomed.

Saying thank you

Concern’s Mhairi Owens, Chair of the Disasters Emergency Committee Scotland, said: “The people I met in North Kivu area of the DRC were generous people who have been trying to live peaceful lives and build futures for their children, just like people in Scotland.

“We will always need the Scottish public’s support to raise the funds that help us make the difference on the ground. Donations made in Scotland can and have helped save lives. It’s as simple as that.

“Scots are very giving and have a reputation for responding generously to humanitarian crisis. We want to say thank you so much to everyone who donated, after another wonderfully successful year for the DEC and to let you know that your kindness has made all the difference”.