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Scottish government funds Concern Worldwide

The Scottish government has awarded Concern a £1million grant for Rwanda as part of its Sub-Saharan Africa Development Programme.

The funding will be provided over three years and will allow Concern to improve its management of malnutrition in Rwanda. Community Management of Malnutrition is a groundbreaking way to tackle malnutrition in children under five. It will be used in the five districts of Rwanda most severely affected by acute malnutrition. The programme will be carried out in partnership with International Rescue Committee and World Relief Rwanda.

Local communities

Concern believes that, in order for it to be most effective, treatment for malnutrition should be based within local communities. This way, people can access it whenever they need it, without having to travel long distances. The Community Management of Malnutrition programme is based on this principal. It covers three main areas: educating the community to improve the treatment of malnourished children; preventing malnutrition by sharing knowledge within the community; and training the staff in District Health Offices.

Tackling malnutrition

Just three weeks ago, Concern was also awarded £400,000 by the Scottish government towards tackling malnutrition in Malawi. This will fund Concern’s community-based therapeutic care programmes in the Lilongwe and Nsanje districts of Malawi over the next two years. The Scottish Government also funded our CTC programme in 2006. Click here to read more about community

based therapeutic care.

The importance of nutrition

These grants show that the Scottish government recognises the importance of nutrition as an essential part of good health. It also shows a recognition of the importance of community-based approaches to tackling severe malnutrition.

In Scotland, Concern has been actively promoting these innovative nutrition programmes and will continue to do so in the future. Previous successes in recent years have seen Scottish students meeting with Concern teams in Scotland and Malawi. A Scottish nutrition graduate has also done an internship with Concern’s community-based therapeutic care programme in Malawi.