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Severe early season flooding hits Mozambique

Heavy rains which began in December have caused widespread flooding in Mozambique resulting in several deaths and driving thousands from their homes. Many crops have been damaged and animals drowned. There are fears that any worsening in the flooding could result in further deaths and food shortages.

The main area of risk is the Zambezi Valley where waters are continuing to rise. They have already reached last year’s levels even though it is still early in the rainy season. The situation could worsen in weeks to come as heavy rain is forecast in surrounding countries.

Concern’s reponse

Concern is currently working with approximately 50,000 people, many of whom were affected by last year’s floods as well. Concern had been working with these people to help them re-build their livelihoods.

Concern’s response is focused on existing working areas: Manica, Tambara, Zambezia, Chinde and Inhassunge providing support in the areas of water and sanitation as well as continuing existing education and livelihoods programmes.

Concern has been running “Disaster Risk Reduction” programmes in Mozambique and has built very good partnerships with local organisations and the National Disaster Management Institute (INGC). These programmes are regularly monitoring flood risks and working to protect the most vulnerable such as women and children who are often most badly affected.

Concern is continuing to monitor the situation and is supporting local structures working in the areas of protection, education and shelter. Currently Concern’s focus is on ensuring people have sufficient access to food and shelter and that children are able to continue their schooling.