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Spread Christmas cheer with Positive Presents

Buying Christmas presents can be an annual headache, not helped by overcrowded shops and the words “I don’t know” from your nearest and dearest.

So beat the shopping scrum and agonising over what to buy for those tricky relatives and friends and instead buy a “Positive Present” from Concern.

Simply log on here or call 1850 458 400 and let Concern eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive this Christmas.

This year Concern is asking that you put pineapples, beehives, water filters and even toilets on your Christmas shopping lists instead of the usual boring socks and slippers. When you “complete the picture” with Positive Presents you will be giving to some of the world’s poorest people in the developing world.

Every budget

Lots of gifts to choose from for every budget, from pineapple plants for €12 to a water pump for a village for €100. Concern’s Positive Presents will make a real difference to those most in need.

Thanks to the €1.4 million spent on Concern Christmas gifts in 2006, 10,902 people are now protected from malaria by mosquito nets. 4,500 people have access to clean water, due to the construction of 18 wells in Somalia. In South Sudan, 4,350 students were provided with school supplies and in the Democratic Republic of Congo 14,604 people received seeds and tools.

Just one final thing to remember: please order presents by 14 December to ensure delivery by Christmas. E-cards can be sent up to Friday 21 December.