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Still on target?

Concern Worldwide’s CEO Tom Arnold wrote about the UN’s progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals in this week’s edition of The Irish Post. He posed the question: are we still on target?

The Millennium Development Goals have guided the work of Concern over the past 10 years, across our 28 countries of operation.

In his article, Tom writes:

"Britain and Ireland’s governments have restated their commitments to contributing 0.7% of national income to overseas aid, by 2013 and 2015 respectively. However, the amount of aid provided by other developed countries is still far short of what was promised. There is now a serious danger that the resources necessary to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in all countries will not be forthcoming…

"Despite the promises made by world leaders in 2000, almost one billion people are still hungry. My concerns are that the promises made by world leaders to halve hunger by 2015 may, over time, ring hollow…Politics must be translated into meaningful action".

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