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Stop Child Labour

Hundreds of kites were seen flying high over the Festival of World Cultures and The Electric Picnic, calling for every child to be in school - not in work.

The School is the Best Place to Work campaign asked festival-goers to make, decorate and fly their own kites as a symbol of solidarity with the 218 million child labourers around the world who have been denied their right to full-time, quality education. Nearly 1,000 kites were seen flying around the People’s Park in Dun Laoghaire and in Stradbally, Ireland – as well as some attached to tents and in the trees!

As each participant designed their own unique kite, they were asked to think about how they can help the campaign to eliminate child labour. By “looking behind the label” of all the products they buy, consumers can demand that retailers ensure that no child labour was used in making the products they sell. This way, customers can make informed choices about what they buy and where they shop, while also making it clear that they are against all forms of child labour.

The Stop Child Labour Campaign is calling on governments worldwide to honour their global commitment to ensure that every child of primary school age is enrolled in formal education by the year 2015. Now, in 2007, we are at the half-way mark and are far from meeting this target. The campaign is also asking our politicians and business leaders to make sure they do not support governments or companies that allow child labour. The campaign is working with groups around the world, in countries like India, Kenya, Honduras and Ethiopia to help eliminate child labour through the provision of full-time, quality education.

Is all of your shopping child labour free? What about the clothes you wear? The food you buy? All the products you use? Look behind the label.