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Stories from the cyclone

In the aftermath of Cyclone Sidr, Concern staff in Bangladesh spoke to many of the people who were affected by the crisis. Over the next few days, the South Asia blog will post some of the stories that were collected.

Abdur Rashid (85), his wife Iful (50) and his daughter-in-law were stuck at home when the cyclone struck. His son was out at the time – his wife became increasingly worried as the wind became stronger. Eventually, their neighbour came to help them and they were able to reach the cyclone shelter in time.

Returning the next day, Abdur and his family found that their house and village had been destroyed. They found nothing on the ground where their home had been  – house and belongings, four goats, two ducks, 25 hens, and one cow were all gone.

The family are now collecting some of the materials that are left and trying to rebuild their home again. They experienced a situation like this 10 years ago, when they lost everything because of floods caused by river bank erosion. Abdur’s daughter-in-law said, “Well, we would be happy to receive government help but we can’t wait for that and we have to start reconstruction of our houses with the materials that we have”.