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Stormy times for Haiti

Port au Prince was hit by an unexpected storm last Friday, causing further damage to the communities that are still recovering from the earthquake disaster that struck in January. So far, six people have died and 67 have been injured from the impact of the storm.

Assessing the damage

The storm hit Port au Prince at 3pm on 24 September and lasted for around 30 minutes. Concern Worldwide responded immediately by assessing damage in our camps and distributing tarps and ropes to residents in the Tabarre settlements. We also identified and addressed flooding and drainage problems in and around the camps. In Tabarre Issa camp alone, 240 tents were destroyed in the storm and many more are leaking.

Shelter from the storm

Our camp management team carried out vital assessments and estimated that there are 2,000 tents damaged or destroyed in camps across Port au Prince. A further 8,000 shelters have been severely affected by the storm. Shelter across Port au Prince is now a key priority. Concern was able to distribute 245 tents on Sunday, and we have been distributing further supplies of tarpaulins and ropes as a priority.

Quick response

Concern responded quickly and effectively to the impact of the storm, assisting affected people in the shortest possible time. The UN humanitarian coordinator, Nigel Fisher, visited Tabarre on Saturday and commended Concern for our quick response.