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Surviving the devastation

It’s almost a month since the floods hit Pakistan. Amidst all this devastation, families are desperately trying to regain some sort of normality in their lives, and we’re trying to get them the supplies they need.

Immediate relief

On my first day in the stricken village of Yousuf Korona, we distributed packages of relief goods to 300 families. These packages consisted of two jerry cans to carry safe drinking water, one floor mat, one blanket, plastic sheeting, a kitchen kit, and hygiene kit. Each package costs €70 and enables families to start rebuilding their lives after the terrible destruction caused by the floods. Having lost their houses, their belongings, and their livelihoods, families are now living in tents or whatever other shelter they can find.

Food distribution

Last week, we started our dry food distributions, providing a two-week food ration which consists of rice, salt, cooking oil, wheat, biscuits, pulses, tea and spices. I have been really impressed with how orderly and well-managed everything is going at the distribution centres.

Appalling conditions

Hygiene and sanitation is a big problem. Conditions are appalling in some of these villages. As floodwaters cease to recede, the water is lying stagnant and creating the additional risk of water-borne diseases.

Worst disaster

This is the worst natural disaster the people of Pakistan have ever had to face. Already 16 million people are affected. This number will increase drastically without further distribution of food and other life necessities.