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Tanzania: water for schools

Pamela is 13 and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Before, there was no water in her school. Now, thanks to our supporters, this has all changed.

Pamela Kapinga (13) teaches other children about hygiene and santiation practices in Kigarama Primary School, Kagera Region, Tanzania, where our charity works. Photo: Jennifer O'Gorman

Catching the rainwater

Over 60% of Tanzania's rural population lacks access to safe water. So, Concern Worldwide is working hard  to change this. One of the ways we are achieving this is by building rainwater harvesting tanks.

Providing water for schools

Pamela says there was no water at all in her school before 2010. She had to walk 40 minutes up and down hills during lunchtime to get water, which was not even from a clean source. She said:

Now we don’t have to go far and we can easily boil the water at school before we drink it. We were taught to do this to make it safe and kill the bugs...We are able to concentrate more in class and spend more time in school. Before, we were getting stomach problems like diarrhoea, but now we have no cases of this at school.

Charity work in Tanzania

We are also working with teachers, helping them train their students in good hygiene. The idea behind this is that the younger generation has a crucial part to play in helping to lift countries like Tanzania out of poverty. By reaching people when they are young, they go on to influence many others.

Pamela and many other students have now begun to pass on what they have learned to their community. She said:

I go into the community to help teach other families about the importance of boiling their water, among other things. I do this every Sunday from 10am-12pm. I like to educate the community on the importance of personal hygiene.

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