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Tent distributions in Haiti

On 10 March, Concern launched a three-day operation in which 600 family-size tents were distributed at six points across the island of La Gonave, Haiti. 

The tents were delivered by helicopters operated by the United Nations Humanitarian Aviation Service, flying 14 trips between Port-au-Prince and La Gonave.
Tom Dobbin, Concern’s distribution manager in Haiti, told us:

It was a complicated operation: two weeks in the planning, but it was imperative that we get these tents here as soon as possible.

Tent distribution

A few lots away, a crowd gathered as 36-year-old Jude Chery unfurled the outer fly sheet of a tent he received from a Concern distribution. His wife Madeleine Thibeault and their six children watched intently. 

No space

Their home town of Cabaret, which is north of Port-au-Prince, was completely destroyed. For the last two months they have been staying in Jude's mother's house. Nine people are living together in a space of about 200 square feet.

Jude explained:

There are cracks in the house and of course we were scared to be in there. It could still come down, but we had no choice. 
These are young children and they are not strong enough to sleep outside...We are happy to have the tent because we are making our home here now. We will not go back to Cabaret.

More distributions

In the coming weeks, Concern will conduct another round of distributions, including: blankets, plastic sheeting, jerry cans, water purification tablets and hygiene kits. An expanded primary education programme is soon to be launched.

Ongoing work

Work is already underway on road rehabilitation. We have also begun installing and rehabilitating clean water sources and helping poor farmers.