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Thousands displaced in Pakistan

Nearly 1.5 million people have been forced to seek refuge from fighting between the Pakistani army and Taliban insurgents in northwest Pakistan, according to the UN.

Increased violence and heavy fighting in Swat province, Dir and Buner district over the past week has resulted in significant population displacement to Mardan district and other settled districts of the North West Frontier Province.  

Concern’s response

Concern is currently responding to the immediate needs of approximately 22,400 displaced people (3,200 families) in the Mardan District. Working with a new local NGO called Integrated Regional Support Programme, Concern is distributing supplies, including hygiene kits, kitchen sets and bedding.

These displaced people are living with existing communities and where possible with relatives.

International response

The Pakistani government is seeking support from the international community.

The UNHCR has already delivered 120 tonnes of relief supplies for immediate distribution to those fleeing the fighting. The World Food Programme may not have enough food to deal with the crisis. The World Health Organisation has also warned of serious risks of disease outbreaks and malnutrition.

Concern has not worked in Mardan before, however, have been working in the area since responding to the earthquake in 2005.