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Three year grant for agriculture programme

On the 10 February the EU Delegation in Tanzania signed a multi-country grant contract with Concern Worldwide. The contract is designed to increase the options for rural communities for making a living with the engagement of government and the private sector.

The project will receive nearly three million euro from the EU and will be implemented over a three year period in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Burundi. The main objective is to improve the livelihoods of poor farmers, while involving them in the decision-making process of planning that affects them. It aims to reach over 100,000 beneficiaries across the three countries.


Those targeted will include poor and marginalised rural householders as well as local government district authorities and civil society organisations and farmers. Farmer Field Schools will be used to provide training in appropriate farming techniques, such as crop diversification, improved animal health and irrigation.


New community seed and produce storage facilities will be developed. There will be training on land rights and registration. Vocational training in food processing and packaging, marketing and business development will be provided. Concern will assist the technical support of government agricultural services, conduct planning and management to local district level authorities.

Training will be organised in sustainable agricultural practices, natural resource management, local development planning processes and meeting facilitation between local communities and local authorities.

The experiences from this project will be shared between the three countries and, more broadly, across other Concern country programmes.

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