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Time for action

Yesterday was the last day of the UN summit on the Millennium Development Goals. Concern Worldwide’s CEO Tom Arnold was there. He commended Irish leadership throughout the summit, but called for it to be “sustained and strengthened.”

Eradicate poverty

During the summit, world leaders have addressed the need to drive progress so that these goals will be reached by the 2015 deadline. With only five years to go, the race is on to achieve what the Millennium Development Goals set out to do ten years ago: to eradicate extreme poverty by 2015.

Commitment to progress

Tom praised Ireland for its “strong reputation in the field of overseas development.” He welcomed Ireland’s restated commitment to reaching the 0.7% overseas aid target by 2015. However, he expressed concern that the worldwide financial crisis may hinder progress and urged countries to not let this happen.

Time to act

Tom insisted that working to eliminate poverty and hunger across the world should be “sustained and strengthened” in the coming months:

We are faced with a huge challenge in the coming five years if we are to achieve the Millennium Development Goals across the globe. It is therefore imperative that the ambition so clearly set out over these past few days is now matched by action.