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A typical day for Gloria

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Gloria lives in Mathare Valley, Nairobi, Kenya, one of the largest and most dangerous slums in the world. Her morning routine is like anyone else's living in the slums but there is one profound difference. Gloria is only six years old.

She looks after her younger brother and sister all on her own.

Morning routine

Everyday, Gloria wakes up early, washes yesterday’s dishes and sweeps her small tin hut. She then takes her three-year old brother Aggrey Amwanda by the hand. Lifting her 18-month-old sister Musungu onto her back, they all go to the Baruka Health Centre in the heart of Mathare slum.

No clean water

When it rains in Nairobi, the narrow paths in the slums turn into stinking streams. It’s no wonder that children like Gloria are constantly ill.

For small children like Gloria, her brother and baby sister, good food and nutrition is crucial. It helps them to grow up healthily and survive the many diseases that are rife in the slums. To see the children here, living in absolute squalor, is heartbreaking – playing beside the rubbish dumps or on the sewer filled pathways. There is no clean water and not enough food to live on.

Health centre

Gloria and her siblings are given breakfast and lunch at the Baruka Health Centre. They are looked after for most of the day by the staff. Before dark, they return to their tiny hut and unroll the mattress they share, to sleep for the night.

Fears for the future

Gloria has been caring for her brother and sister since her mother was taken to hospital six months ago. She hasn’t seen her mother since and doesn’t even know if she is still alive.

Like thousands of children in Nairobi’s slums who become the carers for their families, Gloria has many fears. Will she see her mother again? How will she keep her brother and sister safe? And how will she get them all food?