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U2 album “Ahk-toong Bay-bi” helps east Africa

The proceeds of the covers album of U2’s Achtung Baby will go towards Concern Worldwide's work in east Africa.

The album, called (Ǎhk-to͝ong Bāy-Bi) Covered, features Nine Inch Nails, Patti Smith, Depeche Mode, Jack White, the Killers and others. It’s available for download starting today exclusively on the iTunes store.



Now that we've all had a chance to listen to the album, we'd like to know what you think of it. What’s your favourite track? Tell us by leaving a comment below. 

East Africa crisis

This couldn’t have come at a better time. Many people in east Africa are still in desperate need of help. Thousands of children in the region have already died of hunger or related diseases and over 10 million people remain at risk in the area. Concern CEO Tom Arnold said: 

This crisis in east Africa is still very much an emergency and Concern is delighted that all of the parties involved are making this hugely significant contribution to our work in the region. We are honoured they have chosen Concern as the exclusive beneficiaries.

It is disappointing that such a major ongoing humanitarian situation has largely disappeared from the media headlines. Offering the proceeds from (Ǎhk-to͝ong Bāy-Bi) Covered to Concern’s east Africa appeal also provides a timely reminder that alleviation of the hunger and wider health crisis in the region must not be forgotten and should remain a global priority. 

Strong links

Concern has over 25 years’ experience in east Africa. Over this time, we have formed strong links with local communities and local partners. This has increased our effectiveness in getting help to those that need it most. 

We began responding to the needs of the current emergency when it started in late 2010. We are currently providing people with clean water, food and nutritional care.