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Video: Sahel food crisis - being prepared

Up to 18 million people are facing a food crisis in the Sahel region of Africa. Concern Worldwide is responding to this emergency, trying to prevent a crisis of great magnitude from developing.

I travelled to Niger recently and saw firsthand the severity of the situation there. I drove through a sand storm just to reach one of the villages where Concern works. The area is arid, inhospitable and difficult to grow crops. 

Desperate measures 

Normally, people would be able to grow enough food to last them the year. But now people are going hungry because of the lack of rainfall, crop infestation and rising food prices. Many people are going days without water. Some people have even had to resort to eating termites and their animals’ grass because they have nothing else. These are desperate measures for desperate times.

Our charity work in Niger

We are supporting as many people as we can with cash transfers to buy food. Food prices have doubled in the last year, which means that 2.5kg of millet is beyond most people’s reach without help from charities like Concern. Watch the video below to see how we are helping prevent a full-scale emergency:

Adiya Hatou is receiving cash transfers from us in the village of Mogheur in Niger's Bambeye Commune, Tahoua. She said:

The situation here is very bad. We are relying on Concern for support. The price of food here has doubled in the past year alone. If Concern had not helped us with the cash transfers then we would have had to abandon the village like so many of our neighbours.

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