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Video: shelter and recovery in Pakistan

Nothing in living memory compares to the floods that hit Pakistan in the last days of July this year. Concern’s emergency team responded straight away, and this video shows some of ways we have helped so far.

The video features the voices of Concern staff members and people who have been affected by the disaster. It shows how Concern’s team are providing people with access to clean, safe water. 

Saving lives

It shows our team providing instruction to the residents of temporary camps in basic hygiene. Simple work like this can save lives by helping to prevent the spread of disease. 

Only the beginning

Though it is now almost two months since the disaster, Concern’s work in Pakistan has really only begun. Around eight million acres of farmland have been submerged, leaving countless people without a means of earning an income. The next phase of our work will be to help these people rebuild their livelihoods. 

To watch the video, click on the player below: