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Vote for an end to child labour

While the adults were voting on the Lisbon Treaty on Thursday, young children were voting with their feet in the fight against child labour.

At Dublin’s Spire, primary school pupils from Griffeen Valley Educate Together School in Lucan, Benin Casa Dominican College, Blackrock, and St Declan’s National School Ballsbridge flew kites and released 218 balloons. Every balloon represented one million children, who are working instead of going to school. Well over an estimated 218 million children are working in the world today.

The young people at the Spire on Thursday, along with schools and youth clubs throughout the country, were showing their solidarity for their less privileged counterparts.

Look behind the label

Concern’s Stop Child Labour campaign organised the event to mark the World Day Against Child Labour.  Concern is asking people to take note of what the youngsters at the Spire did on Thursday. They are urging people to support the children at the Spire by buying ethical products by looking behind the label and never being afraid or shy to ask where something is made.

Oyin Lawal from Lucan's Griffeen Valley Educate Together School said, “Each kite had a sign saying ‘Stop Child Labour’. Children should just work in school.”

Alex Kiernan, a classmate of Oyin’s thinks it is scary that small children should be made labour, “My little five-year old sister is at school while children just her age are made work.”

One of their teachers, Denise Ahern, pointed out that the idea of 218 million child labourers was a figure beyond the children’s imagination, so they made up a fictional child and called him "Makako." He was used him to represent the plight of child labourers.

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