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Watching the world

Recently, the web team has been focusing on getting more video footage on the website. There are many, many stories to be told by the people Concern works with, the people it is trying to help, and by Concern’s own members of staff.

As the proverb says, a picture is worth a thousand words; so how much is video worth?

Over the coming weeks we will be posting footage of a 350 kilometre trek through India by up to 20,000 people who are demanding land rights from the government. Concern is working with one of its Indian NGO partners Ekta Parishad and a local camera crew to capture this demonstration on video as it winds its way towards New Delhi.

The first instalment is now online. You can view it here. The video provides a great insight into the passion and scale of this protest, and if you watch carefully you’ll even spot Concern’s own Sinead Walsh addressing the enormous crowd. 

Elsewhere, Concern employee Michael Hanly visited Angola to familiarise himself with Concern’s livelihoods and HIV / AIDS programmes. When he was there Michael recorded his journey on video camera, contrasting the beauty of the country with some of the damage caused by the war. It is also a good insight into Concern’s operations. Click here to view Michael’s video diary.

Concern’s team in Bangladesh has produced some innovative ways to track the development of its emergency flood relief work. They have also produced a video that adds some real depth and context to our understanding of the situation there and captures how the floods have affected families. The video includes footage from the flood plains and interviews with local people.

Here are some links to older videos that you may have missed but they are well worth watching: