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We are people too: video

We put this video on our YouTube channel last year; since then it’s had a regular stream of viewers. We’d like to draw your attention to it again.  

The film focuses on the many thousands who live on the streets in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s  capital city. Concern's “Amrao Manush” project works to give a voice to some of the poorest people in Dhaka. The name of the project was chosen by pavement dwellers themselves. In Bangla, Amrao Manush means, roughly: "we are people too."

Lifting up the poorest person

Visiting Concern's projects in Dhaka, Irish journalist Fintan O'Toole wrote : "I asked a group of women who were struggling to save a few cents a week each how they decided who to give money to. They looked at me as if only a stupid person could ask the question. ‘We decide who needs it most,’ they said. ‘It's our responsibility to try to lift up the poorest person.’"