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We ran like children

As part of Concern’s response to Cyclone Sidr, an effort has been made to document the emergency using local photographers and videographers. One of these photographers, Mahmud, has a particular skill not only in collecting images, but also the stories that accompany them.

An exhibition of images collected by Mahmud entitled “We ran like children” (sponsored by ActionAid) has taken place at the Drik Gallery in Dhaka. Concern Bangladesh has also agreed to sponsor a “virtual exhibition” to run in parallel with the physical one – targeted at those who have access to internet but who may not get to see the physical exhibition.

Kieron Crawley, Concern Country Director in Bangladesh, made these comments about the exhibition: “As aid agencies mobilised to gather information and rush emergency food and shelter to the affected areas, photographer Mahmud made his way to some of the remotest parts of the delta to talk to survivors and to begin to capture their story which he realised needed to be brought to the world.
“This virtual exhibition captures something of what he saw and tells the story of those who felt the full impact of the storm. It is a story crafted in their own words – a story which both conveys the terrible simplicity of what happened, and the complexity of the social fabric that was ripped apart.

“It is also the story of an incredible resilience, the story of mostly poor people who in the face of terrible disaster and tragedy have managed to retain their dignity, their resolve and an inextinguishable hope for the future.”