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A week in Masisi

Concern is currently responding to the crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Concern’s Rachid Boumnijel is blogging from Masisi; he has had a busy few days.

Thursday 19 Nov

Today at Kilimani camp, the largest of the four camps, the Concern team distributed nylon sacs, mosquito nets, clothing, feminine hygiene kits and clothes to 1,626 households. 

Friday 20 Nov

We started distributing sleeping mats, jerry cans and blankets. The day got off to a difficult start as the commercial lorry transporting materials got stuck just 100 meters from the distribution site. Thankfully, it wasn’t too far away, so the daily workers were able to carry the bales of blankets from the lorry to the site. 

Saturday 21 Nov

The team continued the second round of distribution in Kilimani.

Good use is being made of the lorries that are transporting relief items to Masisi. One of them is also being used to transport stone to the road rehabilitation site. The work on the road is still continuing, providing up to 40 men and women with 10 days work.    

Sunday 22 Nov

After finishing distributions in Kilimani, the team started distributions for Kalinga Camp at the Lushebere farm. This is the smallest of the four camps and so the team made good progress.  Supplies were successfully distributed to 735 households.

Monday 24 Nov

We started distributing blankets in Kalinga camp. Thanks to the efficiency of our Masisi team, this was completed by two in the afternoon.