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Witnessing the earthquake firsthand

Concern CEO Tom Arnold visited Haiti to oversee emergency operations and offer his support to local and Irish staff in Port-au-Prince.

Vital work

Concern is getting vital aid to the victims of the Haiti earthquake, including clean water, food and shelter. Read more.

Quickly and effectively

Tom Arnold visited the country to witness this firsthand:

In very difficult circumstances, we are getting on with what our incredibly supportive donors want us to do: get aid to those who need it as quickly and effectively as possible.

Huge loss

Tom met Concern’s local Haitian staff to offer his support and condolences; many of them have lost relatives, colleagues and homes.

Speaking about the need for clear and quick action, Tom said:

Security of our staff is something we are aware of but the fact that we have been in the country since 1994 has helped in terms of having key local relationships and knowledge. The Irish public have been absolutely fantastic in supporting the Haiti emergency effort and they should accept nothing less than knowing we are doing everything humanly possible to get vital aid to those who need it most. Every second counts.

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