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Work continues in east Africa

Concern is working to alleviate suffering in east Africa as widespread drought continues to devastate the region.

Vital support

We are distributing food vouchers in Shabelle and Mogadishu, Somalia, to enable families to buy food from local shopkeepers. 

In urban slums in Nairobi, Kenya, food prices have risen steeply, by up to 200% in some cases. We are responding to this problem by providing cash for extremely poor families so they can purchase food.   

It is vital that we maintain this support to these people until at least the end of the year.

The worst drought

At a Concern nutrition centre in Kenya, Hadumo Llimo told staff he had walked 50km with his family to get help. 

Hadumo said:

I was a pastoralist but now I have nothing, all my animals are dead. I have nothing to feed my family... Look how weak they are, I don’t know what to do. I came here looking for assistance. I have never seen a drought so bad.

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