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Your vote affects the poor

The European elections take place on 5 June. This is a crucial day for millions of people far beyond Europe's borders.

The lives of people across the developing world are profoundly affected by European policies and practice. As you peruse the MEP candidates' flyers, take a moment to consider their commitments to the poorest and most vulnerable – not just within our borders but far beyond them too.

Huge responsibility

Europe is the largest donor in the world. We hold a huge responsibility to make this world a better place. Those MEPs who lead on international development reflect the best of what it means to be Irish: a belief in justice; a commitment to solidarity; an understanding of the big picture. They also recognise that this world can only be improved by nations working in partnership and by donors living up to their principles.

A clear vision

Concern has a very clear vision of a responsible Europe in the world. We've been asking MEP candidates to sign up to that vision. We want them to ensure Europe works towards eliminating poverty and achieving the millennium development goals.

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