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Devastation in Somalia

Severe drought in Somalia has caused widespread devastation. Nearly 2.4 million people are already “drastically affected.”

People in Somalia are no strangers to harsh conditions. Since the 1990s, the country has suffered the effects of civil war and successive droughts. 

Worst drought

But this is the worst drought they have encountered in 36 years. On top of that, the price of basic goods is rising and the cost of cereals has increased by up to 135% since last year. Concern Worldwide is responding to the crisis. It is vital that we act now to protect livelihoods and prevent the loss of life.

Severe crisis

Sarah Robinson, Concern’s programme adviser in Somalia, explains the scale of the devastation:

Pastures are being depleted and animals are dying in their thousands. A trio of drought, conflict and increased prices is pushing Somalia towards a severe humanitarian crisis.

Malnourished children

Children are the worst affected by the lack of food and water. In some areas, malnutrition is affecting over 30 percent of children – one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world. 

The situation is quickly deteriorating and Kenya and Ethiopia have been badly affected too. As Sarah explains:

We are responding to this crisis, and reaching 100,000 of the most vulnerable people with clean water, food and nutritional care, but more needs to be done and greater funding is required if this disaster is to be managed. It’s not only Somalia that is badly affected. There are over three million people affected by the drought and in need of relief in Ethiopia too, whilst two million people in Kenya are facing critical conditions.