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Act Now on 2015

According to a recent MRBI poll published by Dóchas, around 80% of Irish people support the government’s overseas aid commitments.

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Aid is affordable

The outcome of this poll is promising, especially during an economic downturn. That’s because aid is actually affordable. How much do you think Ireland gives to overseas aid? Watch the video below to see if you’re right.

Ireland has committed to spend 0.7% of gross national income (that’s 70 cent in every 100 euro) on overseas aid by 2015. That’s far less than most people think we’re spending on aid.

>> Does aid work?

Aid works

Ireland’s aid programme is among the best in the world. It reflects what is best about Ireland. Our overseas aid builds new partnerships and cements relations with nations who will always remember that we stood by them in their hour of need. The crisis in east Africa has shown the effectiveness of Ireland’s aid programme and other organisations like Concern. 

Ireland is famous for its aid! Barack Obama said so on his visit to Ireland:

This is a nation that met its responsibilities by choosing to apply the lessons of your own past to assume a heavier burden of responsibility on the world stage. And today, a people who once knew the pain of an empty stomach now feed those who hunger abroad.

Budget 2012

Before Budget 2012 is decided in December, the government needs to show us that it is making progress towards the 0.7% goal by increasing the overseas development budget.

Act now

Take Action: ask for 55 cent! Act Now on 2015 and be one of many who refuses to forget the less fortunate in the world.