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Act Now: join the campaign

The Irish government made a promise to the poorest people in the world. We’re campaigning to make sure they keep that promise by protecting the overseas aid budget.  

Last year, 6,500 people got involved in the first phase of this campaign. This year we must keep up the pressure on the government to honour their promises to the world’s poorest people.  

Phase two

Former Taoiseach Garret Fitzgerald joined us in launching “Act Now on 2015”, the second phase of the campaign. 


The government promised that by 2015, Ireland will spend just 70 cents in every €100 of national income on overseas development. 2015 is the new deadline set in December 2009 and it’s crucial that we meet it. Why?

Well, because Irish aid works. Our aid programme is recognised the world over as extremely effective in tackling extreme poverty.

A big difference

We are a small country that has made a big difference to the lives of millions across the developing world. We are known around the world for our generosity – in good times and bad.  

The size and scale of poverty in the developing world is of a different order to what we experience here in Ireland. Millions are living in absolute poverty, with nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep, with no health or education and no social security. 

Massive impact

The aid budget has already been cut by 24%. These cuts have each had massive impact on the work of Concern and other aid agencies.   

In the past, we promised to reach 0.7% by 2007 and by 2012. We have to show that our third promise is one we are genuinely committed to honouring.

UN summit

In September 2010, the Irish government will join other world leaders at a UN summit in New York. They will review progress towards the Millennium Development Goals which are supposed to be reached by 2015.

One of the goals is that every country reaches the 0.7% target by 2015. We need to show we’re as good as our word.

Act now

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