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Anyone want to buy a goat?

The new Concern Gifts website is online now.

We have added some new gifts to our catalogue this year; see the pictures below.

The gifts will assist all areas of Concern’s work – emergencies, livelihoods, education, health and HIV and AIDS. Your gift could mean clean water for people in an emergency; animals to help families start breeding livestock; and school supplies for children who never dreamed they’d get a decent education.

How it works

Buying a gift is simple. You can order online, or you can call us. If you're in Ireland, call us on 1850 458 400. If you're in the UK, call us on 0800 032 4001.

Concern will then send you a special card that you can give to someone, telling them all about their gift. We’ll make sure the money from the gift you buy goes directly to the people who need it most.

Last year’s success

Here are some of the things we were able to do last year, thanks to gift buyers:

  • We distributed emergency food, water and seeds to more than 450,000 people
  • In Somalia, Concern gave 9,323 children school supplies, and helped train 287 teachers
  • In Chad, 618 families each received two goats, enabling them to generate income by breeding livestock
  • In Rwanda, we helped 7,669 people to undergo voluntary HIV testing

By buying Concern gifts this year, you can help us do even more for people living in poverty.