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Campaign Academy

I’m a member of Concern’s Campaign Academy. It trains students like me to speak out and campaign about issues we feel strongly about.

I tried out for the debates team but was turned down (sad, sad days). So, one of my teachers offered me the chance to join the Concern Campaigning Academy instead. I was nervous because I had no idea what to expect. But, I was more than happy to take part because it was run by Concern and was after all, a day off!

Islands and disasters

Our first workshop took place in Limerick. We learned about Concern and child labour, and listened to a guest lecturer from Irish Aid. After lunch, we had a game of "Islands and Disasters" – a sort of musical chairs – to stop us from dozing off!

Our second workshop was held in Concern's headquarters in Dublin, where we learned about topics such as local media and Fairtrade. I know that might sound really boring, but in fact the time passed really quickly!

Global Campaign for Education

During our most recent workshop, we learned about the Global Campaign for Education. It’s an international project to promote education in developing countries. I found it interesting to learn how seriously children in the developing world take their education. They see it as a gift that they are truly grateful for.

You can join

On a final note, I really hope that some of you will get involved. Just ask your teacher or principal to email Concern's campaigns officer, Lizzy Noone, at [email protected]. It really is enjoyable to learn so much about the fantastic work that Concern does.