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The Climate Chaos Wave

My boyfriend has a tattoo of a wave on his arm. He acquired it for free from a guy called Tattoo Lou. Now, I’m far too unromantic to dream about a matching tattoo, but an upcoming event in Dublin has me thinking of waves and tattoos.

The “Wave to Stop Climate Chaos” will take place on Saturday 5 December 2009, just ahead of the crucial UN climate summit in Copenhagen. It’s organised by Concern and the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.

A low carbon future?

The Wave will show mass support for a better, low carbon future for Ireland and the world. We want the Irish government to show leadership at Copenhagen.

Developing countries particularly need support to cope with the impacts of climate change. The world urgently needs to stop global warming from exceeding the dangerous threshold of 2°C.

Devastating effects

This is one of our last chances to show that we want to reverse the devastating effects of climate change.

No ordinary protest

On a not-so-serious note, The Wave is also going to be a lot of fun! It’s not just an ordinary protest march through Dublin City. Make it as fun as possible by not only wearing blue but dying your hair blue or wearing fancy dress. There’s lots of ways to surf this Wave!

So please come along and catch the Wave to Stop Climate Chaos. We’re assembling at 12 noon at the Custom House Quay on 5 December.  

Are you on my wavelength? If so, email me at [email protected] for more details.