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Climate chaos: you can help

Despite the fact that people in developing countries play no part in creating climate change, they’re the ones who suffer the most because of it. It is our duty to stop climate chaos, take care of the planet and protect the world’s poorest people.

Concern Worldwide is a member of Stop Climate Chaos, a coalition of charities campaigning to ensure Ireland plays its part in preventing climate change. There are loads of things you can do to get involved.

Climate law

The greatest thing Ireland can do to stop climate chaos is to enact a strong climate law and ensure we meet our commitments to developing countries. The Irish government has committed to passing a climate law, and minister for the environment Phil Hogan has told the Dáil that he will publish climate legislation in 2012. 

Email your TDs

The law must be strong enough to ensure it is a vital part of building a sustainable Irish economy. Email your TDs now to ask Minister Hogan to send the promised climate bill to the environment committee. This must be done before the UN talks on climate change in Durban this December.

Real action

Join us ahead of the UN climate change talks in Durban as we blow hundreds of vuvzelas outside Dáil Eireann at 1pm on 24 November. We’ll be letting the Irish government know that real action is needed at home and internationally to tackle climate change. Let's stop contributing to the problem and start implementing solutions.