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Coming to terms with harsh reality

The Stop Child Labour Africa Tour is now in Ethiopia.

I’ve been reading through the team’s latest instalment. It’s so sad to think of the children herding cattle while just down the road there’s others on the way to school. Have a read for yourself:

“Going through all the hair-raising statistics which underline the seriousness of Ethiopia’s child labour problem is tough. Coming to terms with the harsh reality of the life in the rural areas while gazing through the car window into the admittedly beautiful landscape of this country is quite another thing.

“Contrary to all my preconceptions about Ethiopia, which has lately gotten on the news almost exclusively because of the drought, what I saw was a fertile land with ubiquitous herds of livestock grazing on green pastures stretching all the way to the horizon.

“Alas, the story continues – I also saw countless kids herding the cattle while their luckier peers, bags over their shoulders, rushed towards a school. Some of these little herdsmen and herdswomen must have been as young as five, I swear.”