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Concerned about the election?

I’m no expert on politics, nor do I have a strong affiliation to a political party. But I am a Concern campaigner and I’m really passionate about reducing poverty in the world today.

Call for change

I want change and I want the new Irish government to change the lives of the poorest people in the world for the better. If you feel the same way, there is something you can do about it. Over the coming weeks, many politicians will be calling to your door as they campaign for your vote in the election. Why not use this opportunity to tell them what you really think and what you want them to do? <--nodebreak-->

Doorstep campaigning

This is what I would say to anyone who comes to my door in the coming weeks: 

As a Concern supporter, I ask you to promise to look after the world's poorest people if you are elected to government.

I would like you to Act Now and make sure we’re giving a measly 70 cents of every €100 to people much poorer than us. Will you or your party put into law Ireland’s solemn promise to invest 0.7% of national income in overseas aid by 2015?

Please Stop Climate Chaos – it has the worst effect on the people I care about. Will you support and pass a strong climate change bill and sign up to a fair and safe international climate deal?

Can you believe that one billion people go to bed hungry? Will you commit to spending 20% of Ireland’s aid budget on actions to alleviate and eradicate hunger?

I hope that we can all stand on our doorsteps and out-talk the election candidates and canvas them before they canvas us!

Making a difference

If you care even a little bit about injustice and poverty in the world, please ask questions on aid, climate change and hunger. To help with this, we’ve made an election leaflet called “I’m Voicing My Concern.” The least we can do is give election candidates this leaflet and make sure we get an answer.

>> Download our election leaflet

Wind of change

Don’t get blown away by the political jargon. The wind of change is here!