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Crazy Dave’s single supports Concern

Crazy Dave, the lead character in the video game “Plants vs Zombies,” has released a Christmas single called “Wabby Wabbo.” The track is available on iTunes from today. All proceeds benefit Concern Worldwide.

Update: The single is available in the UK now!

Yodelling yeti

The song is believed to be the first hip-hop single ever released to feature a yodelling solo by a yeti zombie. The track costs just 99 cent and Crazy Dave has asked for fans to purchase the track between 15 and 22 December so that all sales will count against the Christmas chart rankings.

Richard Dixon, Concern’s director of public affairs, said:

"We’re thrilled to be named as the charity partners of the Plants vs Zombies single this Christmas. We’re always open to new ways to raise funds for – and  awareness of – our work. What could be better than this brilliant game?"

>> Download from iTunes in euro and GB pounds