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A friendly challenge

Class 3A at Riversdale Community College in Blanchardstown, Dublin set up a friendly challenge debate as part of their CSPE (Civil, Social and Political Education) action project.

It was unusual to attend a debate that we hadn’t organised for once! The contest was between Riversdale’s fifth year Concern Worldwide debates team and Coláiste Chillian in Clondalkin, the runners up from last year’s Concern debates final. 

The jury’s out

The motion for the debate was: “One year after the earthquake, the developed world has been a good friend to Haiti.” The motion was also used in our round five debate this year, with half of the debates being won by the proposition and half by the opposition.  Clearly on this issue, the jury is still out. Let’s hope we are not still debating this motion in five years, and that the rest of the world will have honoured their promises to Haiti.

A warm welcome

The motion was defeated on the night, with the result being a 2-1 victory for Coláiste Chillian. All the students involved could give our Irish political leaders a run for their money in a debate! The judges praised the depth of research that both teams had undertaken. But the real winners were class 3A who organised an excellent event. They were so welcoming to all their visitors. They made us a lovely cup of tea when we arrived and  decorated the hall specially. Thanks for a great evening, guys.