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Halfway there

We are more than halfway through the league phase of the debates for this year. Have you been debating? What is your favourite or least favourite issue so far?

To date, the topics debated have been: genetically modified food, young Irish people’s attitudes to the developing world, and climate change. Debates on child labour and overseas development aid will be coming up over the next two months. 

No easy side

We are often asked “which is the easy side to this motion?” The answer is, “there is no easy side.” We strive to make each topic balanced and we research the issues in advance. This allows us to gather enough evidence to support an argument for both sides. Our own opinions don’t come into it!

Snazzy graph

The results bear this out, with roughly equal numbers of debates being carried and defeated for each topic. This is reflected in the first two motions this year, as shown in the snazzy graph below:

Snazzy graph


Due to the recent inclement weather, most of our debates scheduled for the week commencing 29 November had to be postponed. A few hardy souls did manage to complete their debates – well done! 

Another date

If your debate fell foul of the snow, please contact your opponents to arrange another suitable date any time between now and 27 January. The league phase was due to finish by 20 January but we’ve extended this to 27 January. If it snows again and if schools are closed in the new year, we’ll review this position again. All schools involved have been contacted about this matter.


Best of luck in your next debate and your Christmas exams, and enjoy all the carol concerts, school musicals and of course the holidays!