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International development awards

The All Party Group on International Development (APGID) has launched a website to invite nominations for the second International Development Awards Ceremony, which will take place in Stormont, in Northern Ireland, in March. 

The awards

The APGID wishes to acknowledge the efforts of groups or individuals who have made a difference. They are calling for entries across seven award categories for the best contribution to:

  • Public sector development
  • Aid project by a school or youth group
  • Voluntary contribution
  • Healthcare services
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Economic development

>> Visit the awards website 

Last year’s winners

Two of last year’s winners were Concern Worldwide’s Roberta Cooney and John Wood.

Charity work

Roberta first volunteered as a nurse in northern Sudan, before becoming Concern’s medical coordinator and going on to work in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Angola, Rwanda and Haiti. 

As camp manager, Roberta’s responsibilities included distributing essential supplies to thousands of refugees, establishing feeding centres and sanitation resources and implementing health and education programmes. Wherever Roberta was, she always worked hard to help rebuild the lives of people who had lost everything. 

Working in Tanzania

John trained as a water engineer and worked for VSO for three years in Vanuatu. He worked for one year in Tanzania for Concern back in 1993. During this time, he picked up an illness that permanently damaged his sight and prevented him from working overseas on a long-term basis. 

Despite this, John was instrumental in the establishment of the Mwanza Sewing and Training Centre in Tanzania – the first project to refurbish sewing machines in Africa. He has also trained hundreds of international volunteers in how to refurbish tools and sewing machines.

APGID Chair Conall McDevitt said: 

There are so many people across  [Northern Ireland] like Roberta and John who contribute to development in so many different ways, not to mention the significant amount of cash which is donated to various causes from this relatively small region. The awards offer the opportunity for us to recognise these people, and to say thank you for all their work. It will also send out a strong message to the [Northern Ireland] Executive, highlighting the need for a regional strategy for international development.

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