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The Knockout Phase beckons

Happy New Year!

With all the fun and festivities of Christmas behind us, we hope Santa was good to you), we begin a new year and a new phase of the Concern Debates. Back to school means back to work and it’s time to get researching and writing for your Round Four debate.

So what is the knockout phase?

It is exactly what it says on the tin. Teams that lose their debates in this stage of the competition are eliminated. We start with 64 teams in January and work our way down to the final two teams in May at the national final.

How to “survive” the knockout phase

Remember that content is very important; select between two and three points for your speech and elaborate on them. Use relevant facts and quotes and remember to tell the adjudicators where you got them from. Research both sides of the argument; arm yourself with statistics and points for your refutation and rebuttal. Know your team’s speeches and be sure that you each have your own points and none are repeated.

Time! You need to use your time well, if your speech is short you will lose marks through having less content and if you go over time you will be penalised. Be confident and know your speech – if you believe in what you are saying you will convince the adjudicators more.

Don’t read your notes! The adjudicators can’t hear you if you are talking to the page. Pace your speech well, remember the adjudicators are only human and will find it very hard to process what you are saying ifyouarespeakingtoofast!

Refutation and Rebuttal! Every speaker must refute or rebut the other team’s arguments otherwise you will score 0 out of 20 for this section. Be persuasive – address the adjudicators as if you are convincing your parents that you should be allowed to go to Oxegen! (Yes, you have to convince them what you are saying is a good idea!)

But no matter what enjoy the debate!