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Making some noise

This weekend, a group of Concern staff and campaigners took to the streets in London.

Challenging the G20 

We were marching as part of the Put People First, a global campaign to challenge the G20 on the spiralling financial crisis.

Alongside over 70 organisations, our team held placards reading “End World Hunger” and chanted throughout the full three-mile march that stretched from Victoria Embankment up to Hyde Park, where a rally of inspirational speakers took place.

Making our presence felt

Whilst our presence was small, it was certainly felt. Slogans such as “End World Poverty, Justice For All” and “What do we want? End Hunger!” bounced off the walls of Parliament. I’m proud to say we made considerably more noise than some of the larger organisations in attendance!

"It was a great day and we really tried our best to get Concern's message out there. We handed out lots of Unheard Voices campaign stickers, ran our throats to a standstill and waved our signs relentlessly" commented Fawzia Bakht who led the contingent.

The event was entirely peaceful throughout, in contrast to some media speculation that there would be an outbreak. For the most part, the weather kept everybody dry. As the G20 start gathering on 2 April for a summit on the financial crisis, it will be interesting to see if the marchers’ messages will be addressed.