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My banana ambitions

I’ve had two big ambitions that have not gone away and I’m still determined to do them in my lifetime.

One is to dress up in a banana costume. I almost had the opportunity to do this about nine years ago but it didn’t happen; that’s a long story that I probably shouldn’t post!

The other is that I always wanted a tattoo of a banana – just like the one Andy Warhol created for the first Velvet Underground album. I’ve had that ambition for 21 years. Another tattoo I‘ve also wanted is the Fairtrade logo. I’ve had this ambition ever since I found out about the Fairtrade movement.

Going bananas

I still haven’t got either tattoo but I am chuffed that this year the theme of Fairtrade Fortnight is “Go Bananas”! Fairtrade ensures that farmers in the developing world get a fair price for their products. People all over the world will be going bananas for Fairtrade this year by attempting to break the Fairtrade banana eating record on 6 and 7 March.

Fairtrade Fortnight starts on 23 February, so make a special effort to buy Fairtrade products (in particular bananas). If they aren’t available, ask for them to be made available. Visit the Fairtrade website to get promotional materials such as a postcards to hand in to your local shops. You can also hold your own Go Bananas event; we’re having a Banana Bonanza Bake Off in the Concern office!

Please feel free to Go Bananas with Concern and contact me at [email protected].

Fairtrade Fortnight could be just the excuse I need to run off to the tattoo parlour in my banana costume! Any takers?