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Preparing for Kenya

Update: you can follow the students’ trip to Kenya on Twitter. Click here.

This blog post was written by Daniel McInerney. Daniel took part in last's year's Concern Fast.

Fasting and fundraising

As part of our annual transition year fundraising in Ennistymon CBS, we participated in the 24 hour fast and collected on the streets of Ennistymon for Concern.

Grand total

After four days of collecting, the money was counted; we had collected a grand total of €5,000. In May, Concern picked us from their top fundraising schools and we were rewarded with a trip to Kenya.

Excitement is building

Time has gone very quickly since then. Excitement has been building gradually and it is hard to believe it’s nearly time for the trip.

We had a lot of preparation to do. We went to Concern’s offices twice for briefing meetings. We travelled around the country for vaccines (which weren’t too bad). We had to get suitable clothes and arrange our transport, but we all think it’s definitely going to be worth it.

What to expect?

It’s hard to know what to expect. We’ve seen pictures and videos of slums but I think it’s still going to be a shock when we see them for real. Anyway, the suitcases are full and our plane tickets are printed. We’re ready to go!