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Pressure at the summit

Concern Worldwide is putting pressure on world leaders to honour their commitments to the Millennium Development Goals and to listen to the voices of the poor. The focus is on the upcoming United Nations summit.

In March 2010, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon presented his Millennium Development Goals Progress Report. 

Ban Ki-moon stated that if the world’s nations delivered on their financial commitment, the world could still achieve the goals. But, he warned that falling short would be an “unacceptable failure, moral and practical.” 

Many questions

Over the coming week, the United Nations will host the latest summit on the Millennium Development Goals. It will raise many important questions: what progress has been made? Will we achieve our targets in the coming five years? Concern Worldwide will be there in New York to make sure the voices of the world’s poorest people are heard.

What are we doing?

Our CEO Tom Arnold is attending the summit. During it, Tom will present a petition of 10,000 signatures to David Nabarro, UN Special Representative on Food Security and Nutrition. The petition declares:

I pledge to support women in their fight against hunger and I call on UN leaders to end this hunger: Women can’t wait.

The petition will also be presented to UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. The signatures were gathered as part of our Unheard Voices campaign.

Building pressure 

Concern and many other leading NGOs also sent a letter to newspapers across Ireland and the UK. It urged heads of state, governments and UN agencies not to forget the plight of the hungry and malnourished. Learn more

The Guardian also published a letter from Caroline Hickson, executive director of Concern Worldwide UK, about the goals and our Unheard Voices campaign.

Act now!

As well as that, Concern is part of the Act Now on 2015 campaign in Ireland. It’s putting pressure on the government to keep its promise to invest 0.7% of Ireland’s national income in overseas aid by 2015. Such a commitment is essential if we are to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. 

Each goal 

Want to know more about how we are working towards achieving each of the goals? Download our latest Millennium Development Goals booklet. (pdf file)