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Promoting humanitarianism

On Thursday 19 August, Concern Worldwide marked World Humanitarian Day with an event at the Cultivate centre in Dublin. It was a great success.

Journalist’s perspective

It started with RTÉ journalist Charlie Bird speaking about his experience visiting disaster zones. He said that when he hangs up his boots with RTÉ he would like to work with an Irish aid agency.


Concern’s Aine Fay and Roisin Gallagher, who have just returned from Haiti, gave insightful first-hand accounts of what life is like right now in the country.


Among the many people who attended the event were Christine Simpson and Jonathan Kelly along with their six children. Christine said:

Concern has a good media profile and I trust them so I give them money when there are appeals at times of natural disasters.

A sustainable difference

Lorraine Cooke also attended the event. Lorraine is doing a Masters in International Studies at the University of Limerick. She found the event useful, especially as she hopes to work in the development area. She said:

Concern makes a difference that is sustainable.

Preparing for disasters

Will Devas, a strategic planner for Concern, emphasised the importance of putting money into the prevention of disasters by being prepared:  

I am always amazed at the resilience of people. It is so important that we put more resources into being prepared for disasters.

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who came along and took and helped make this event such a success.