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Round One approaches

Hi everyone, this is Evanna here reporting from Debates HQ. We’ve had a busy week, with some late entries coming in for the debates, but all schools should now have their final information about their Debates Units.

If you’re new to the debates and you’ve read all the information but are still a bit confused, don’t worry! We will be sending out more information to new schools and new teachers, and feel free to ring us with questions. Gráinne is heading out on the road again visiting schools to run workshops and meet with teachers, so let her know if you’d like her to come to visit you too in the next couple of months. Read more about Gráinne here.

We’re getting very excited about the first round and we know you are too. The motion: “Overseas development aid is a waste of money” .

If anyone finds any other great sources of information that we’ve missed, you can tell us about it in the comments section below. For anyone who wants to do a bit of extra homework, there are some interesting articles in this week’s Newsweek magazine (available in all good newsagents) on innovative solutions to global problems. I’m also looking forward to seeing the first part of Stephen Fry’s new BBC documentary about HIV. It will be broadcast tonight at 9pm. (Hint: HIV and AIDS is a regular topic in the Concern Debates!)

Concern had an exhibition at the Ploughing Championships in Tullamore last week and we all took turns to go down and do a shift. It’s great to meet Concern’s many supporters face to face. Several students who are signed up to debate came up to us for a chat and to find out more about how the debates work. We also met some debaters from past years who told us they wished they were still eligible to take part! Watch out for us again at the Common Ground Convention in Cork later this month if your school is attending.