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Stop Child Labour investigates

We have just found very incriminating evidence of the use of child labour by trans-national company Tiny Pickers International.

As a Stop Child Labour campaigner I always have my ear to the ground about the practices of large companies. We learned about their use of child labour through an online intranet briefing from their European branch! 

In general, it’s difficult to pinpoint which companies use child labour. Unless you have your facts straight, it’s often not a good idea to point the finger. You could get yourself into a legal mess!

So, should we boycott?

Boycotts are not helpful given that they often hurt the people that they are trying to help. They could even make matters worse. For example, children could be forced from unsafe factories to even more unsafe streets. Furthermore, child labour is so widespread and supply chains are so difficult to follow, it’s hard to promote one company’s record over another. Instead of refusing to buy certain products, consumers (and that means you and me) should support organisations and initiatives that are creating the conditions for a child labour-free world.

Brand manufacturers are very sensitive to consumer pressure. We can pressure them to guarantee that no child labour was used in the making of their products. This can be done by asking questions, writing letters directly to the company, retailers, business groups, chambers of commerce and politicians.

We can also create demand for transparency and accountability in all supply chains. Child labour will only be eliminated when systems are put in place to prevent one group of child workers being replaced by another. We believe that child labour is not just an issue for a single industry or company alone, but an issue for all of us.

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